About Us

Borealbreeze is located on 26 acres of boreal forest thirty kilometers outside of historic Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. We are: Leslie Joanisse and Don Allen, and we live here with our family of Bernese Mountain Dogs. 

We are active in showing our dogs and attend as many shows as is logistically possible due to our location. In addition to Conformation, our Berners train and sometimes compete in the Obedience, Agility, Rally-O, and Drafting rings. This breed is a truly versatile breed and we aim to keep our dogs busy! (or they aim to keep us busy!)

All of our Bernese Mountain Dogs are raised in our home, they sleep beside our bed (or in it!), and NEVER live in a kennel environment. We keep a small number of dogs so that they can receive the love and attention that they each deserve. They are an important part of the family and are loved like our children. We are passionate about our dogs. Showing, training, competing and breeding are all important to our goals: our dogs are our essence.

We are also very passionate about the diet we feed our dogs. They are all raised on a natural diet based on raw meat, bones, organs, tripe, and a small amount of veggies/fruit. No grains, except what they get in the odd dog cookie! We feel that offering our dogs the best fresh species appropriate food is one way we can help them live as long and healthy lives as possible.

Our goal is to breed sound, happy, healthy and typey Bernese Mountain Dogs who are wonderful family members.
We strive for quality, NOT for quantity. Therefore, we have a limited number of puppies available, and typically have one litter per year.

Every litter is raised in our home and properly socialized before they go to their new homes.