Borealbreeze Puppies

Upcoming Plans

MAY 2019

***UPDATE: Spectra is pregnant and the puppies are due May 28th. Unfortunately, Lulubelle is not ready to become a momma yet, so we will try her again in the fall/winter. All of Spectra's puppies have wonderful homes waiting. We are still welcoming inquiries on Lulu's potential puppies in the winter 19/20.

We currently have no puppies available.

We are very excited about two current breedings with Spectra and with Lulubelle. If these breedings are successful we will be expecting babies to arrive at the end of May.   We will determine if the girls are pregnant at the end of April. 

Please see our Facebook page for more information and periodic updates. Contact us if you would like more information about being on our waiting list.


About our puppies


We offer a guarantee on all puppies produced. The dogs that are in our breeding program are tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, hereditary eye disease, heart defects, degenerative myelopathy status, and von Willebrands disease.  And we only work with stud dog owners with a similar mindset.  This minimizes the risk that a puppy we produce will be affected by hereditary problems. Since the heritability of these diseases is unknown, we cannot guarantee 100% that a puppy produced will never be affected, but we can certainly guarantee that we, as breeders, have done our best in minimizing the risk. All puppies are fully socialized, health checked, microchipped and have their first vaccinations before they leave for their new homes. We will only place puppies in homes through carefully screening of people and with mutual agreement in detailed contracts. New owners will be required to x-ray the hips and elbows of their puppies by 2 years of age and where possible have their eyes examined by an ophthalmologist and heart by a cardiologist, so that we can assess the success of our breeding program. Puppies are placed with a Non-Breeding Registration or a co-ownership with the Canadian Kennel Club and are sent home with a puppy information binder, including a pedigree and information on the parents.

If you are dedicated to owning one of our Bernese Mountain Dogs and are capable of making the type of commitment these dogs deserve, we encourage you to contact us to begin the screening process. We talk to all prospective puppy owners on the telephone and welcome your visits to our home. We want to meet all new puppy owners in person and ask that they make arrangements to come and get their puppy personally. Since we usually have many requests for puppies, our waiting list can be long. We place puppies by suitability to the owner, not by first come first serve. Thank you for your interest in our dogs.