Berner Food

We believe in feeding our dogs a raw, natural diet composed of meats, bones, offal, vegetables and more!  We struggled with food allergies for our first berner Fortune, and tried every hypoallergenic kibble that didn't work.  We moved to home cooking for the dogs but when that became too much work we started researching a raw diet.  We made the switch and never looked back!
Our dogs love their meals and we love the fact that we control everything about what they eat (well, minus any gross stuff they find in the woods...).  They rarely visit the vets, other than for routine checkups and just to say hi!

We feed our dogs like you would feed your children.  Balancing a diet over time.  Here is a sample of what we may feed over the course of a week:

Monday am:        Chicken Backs whole
Monday pm:        Ground Beef with liver/heart, scoop of ground vegetables

Tuesday am:        Turkey Necks, whole
Tuesday pm:        Green Tripe (beef, buffalo or lamb)

Wednesday am:   Ground Chicken, whole carcass
Wednesday pm:   Ground Salmon or herring, whole carcass

Thursday am:       Chicken Necks, whole
Thursday pm:       Lamb ground with organs, scoop of veggies

Friday am:          Chicken Backs whole
Friday pm:          Green Tripe (beef, buffalo or Lamb)

Saturday am:        Turkey Necks whole
Saturday pm:        Ground Bison with liver/heart, scoop of ground veggies

Sunday am:          Ground Turkey with liver/heart
Sunday pm:          Venison or Elk, raw egg

Please note that this only gives you an idea of what we feed, we don't adhere to this menu weekly!  We also include in our rotation meats such as Rabbit, elk, pheasant, moose, caribou.  Our only rules of thumb are to feed fish about once a week, green tripe 2-3 times a week, eggs once a week, red meats 3 or 4 times a week.  The morning meals pretty much consist of whole or ground poultry with bone.  We add fish oils most days, vitamin C, E a few times a week and a powder supplement that contains sea veggies/alfalfa/clay for minerals and micronutrients.