November 11, 1999 - October 3 2006
Taken too soon from your loving family, by Malignant Histiocytosis. We love you big Bubbaloo, our Fortchi-Porchie. You are an old soul and we should all strive to achieve the inner peace you carried. Miss you lots.
CKC Registration # JW629984
Bernergarde Dog ID # 23599
When we first set out to have our very own Berner in 1999 we thought we did lots of research, but we still ended up purchasing our first dog in haste from a breeder who offered no contract or health guarantees. This boy, our “Fortune”, suffered from chronic diseases since he was a young puppy. It is because of him we vowed to make health, and open sharing of information, the #1 priority in our breeding program. We have been fortunate to have shared our life with Fortune, he was a stoic, strong berner.  Sadly, Fortune lost his battle with his body, and he was taken from us by histio October 2006... We had been through so much with him, and only wished he was a healthier dog. Even with all the ups and downs, good days and bad days, Fortune always remained sweet, loving and strong. His heart of gold convinced us there is no other breed for our family.

I'm a little Puppy
Short and Stout
Here is my tail, and here is my snout...
I love to smell the grass
And eat food too...
'Xcuse me now cuz
I gotta go Poo!

...poem written by Fortune's kid, Aki Allen sung to "I'm a little Teapot"